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Privacy Policy

We are committed to preserving your privacy.


We want our customers to know that we value their privacy and do everything we can to keep their personal information secure. We operate under strict policies that dictate how the information provided by our customers is gathered and used.

We NEVER give or sell any customer information to third parties.

Our web site collects only basic information (including IP addresses, browser types, and referring URLs).

The web traffic data we do collect is used to prevent hacking attempts and help us learn more about generic web site usage statistics and where website visitors are coming from.

We collect only information that is necessary for completing orders (including shipping address, billing address, email address, and credit card information).

All information we collect is stored on secure servers and kept entirely confidential.

Subscription to our email lists is opt-in only and any subscriber may, at any time and for any reason, request to be removed from our email lists.

About Links to Third Party Sites.

This web site may sometimes contain links to web sites owned and operated by eyeglasses and sunglasses designers and manufacturers, as well as other people and businesses associated with the eyewear industry. Though may sell their products or recommend their services, we do not bear responsibility for the content found on their web sites. Privacy policies on those linked or recommended web sites may be different from our privacy policy – please refer to the stated policy before disclosing any personal information on those sites.