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How to Buy Glasses Online


  1. Have your prescription information ready if you need lenses. If you are purchasing a pair of designer glasses with prescription lenses, please have your most recent, up to date prescription on hand so that we can accurately customize your eyewear. We also require your PD (Pupillary Distace) measurement, a figure that represents the distance between your pupils so that the lenses have a precise optical center. You may have to pay a visit to your eye care professional to find out your pupillary distance, as many optometrists do not include this measurement when writing out your prescription.
  2. Choose your frame. Our eyewear selection spans nearly 30 brands that are celebrated around the world for their excellence in design and innovation. We have hundreds of different styles to choose from and have conveniently separated the different types of designer eyeglasses into multiple categories (in the left column) so you can more easily find what you are looking for. For information on how to find your perfect frame, learn your eyeglasses size or shop by frame type. Please note that frames do not come with prescription lenses unless you purchase them from Vizio Optic. LINDBERG glasses, if you have only purchased the frame, will come in three pieces (two arms and the bridge) for your optician to assemble with your prescription lenses.
  3. Choose your lens type. First, select whether you need single vision, reading, or fashion lenses. Single vision simply means you use glasses for nearsightedness or farsightedness, reading glasses are exactly that – for reading, and fashion lenses are clear, plastic lenses without a prescription. The latter is used when you want to wear the frame as a fashion accessory only. Next, you must choose the preferred thickness of the lens. You may select between regular polycarbonate lenses or a thinner and lighter option known as High Index lenses. For other lens types, such as progressives lenses, please contact us at

If you would like to update your prescription lenses in your current glasses, please email us at the above address and we will gladly assist you with your order.

All sunglasses will come with the lenses mention in their product description, which are non-prescription and made by the manufacturer, unless you upgrade to polarized lenses or purchase prescription sunglass lenses.