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Find an Eyeglasses Frame Shape to Match Your Face

Which Frame Shapes Will Look Best On Your Face?

The face shapes below will help you determine the right eyewear shape. Note that your eyewear shape should contrast with the shape of your face for best look. Also, the size of your glasses should be in scale/proportion to the size of your face and your eyes should be in the center of the frame.


SQUARE SHAPE - Narrow oval or round shapes will look best on you.  ROUND SHAPE - Rectangular or geometric narrow shape will help your face appear less wide. Rimless glasses with angular lenses work especially well for you.
OBLONG SHAPE - Try wide rectangular shapes or rimless glasses with visible, dark or colored temples. OVAL SHAPE - Any shape will work for you.
TRIANGULAR SHAPE - You're a great fit, try frames with color or emphasis on top, semi-rimless and cat-eye shapes. HEART SHAPE -Rimless look will work great for you. Women should try butterfly shapes.
DIAMOND SHAPE - This unique face will look great in semi-rimless, rimless, oval or cat-eye shapes.