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The Lunor brand is known for their collection of vintage spectacles inspired by the skills of glassmakers from past centuries. The idea came about to combine traditional with modern design. Lunor sets itself apart through the high amount of hand craftsmanship. In a way, the first Lunor collection of precious metals help determine the brand name from the French phrase "Lunette d'Or" meaning golden spectacles. Lunor was ahead of its time with its traditional retro design. Their motto "Vintage, das Original" (Vintage, the original) at present, reminisce of previous decades which are in high demand. Their idea is to bring vintage design to perfection making them wearable in modern time. For Lunor, it is not a short-term trend but a timeless style. Frames are produced with the finest materials guaranteeing the highest quality and durability and are delivered with high quality cases made from German wood or genuine leather to protect your vintage spectacles. Trend-setters include Tom Cruise, Elton John, Oprah Winfrey and the late Steve Jobs. 


As an authorized dealer we carry the entire line of this luxury German brand, including their acetate, metal, rimless, combination and sunglass collection for men and women. Lunor eyeglasses and sunglasses are sold in our Brookline, MA store, as the company does not permit its authorized retailers to sell Lunor products online. Please email us at or call 866-411-9428 for more information about Lunor frames. All frames are sold with a genuine case and cleaning cloth.

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