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What does 2.5 grams of comfort and style feel like? Almost nothing! Eyephorics eyeglasses are precision-made from high-tech material that combines flexibility and durability. The glasses are rimless, but they offer the ultimate in customization: You can select arms and bridges from a chic array of colors, and you can even choose your lens shape. The frames can also be fitted to the contours of your face. Eyephorics are superb for sports – they won’t slip or pinch on tennis courts or ball fields. They’re so comfortable that people have fallen asleep for the night, blissfully unaware they’re still wearing their Eyephorics. For lightweight comfort and customizable elegance, try Eyephorics.


Eyephorics 2.5 Rimless eyeglasses are sold in our Brookline, MA store, as the company does not permit its authorized retailers to sell Eyephorics 2.5 Rimless products online. Please email us at or call 866-411-9428 for more information about Eyephorics frames.

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