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Cecile by Dino Grossman     

Based in Switzerland, Dino Grossman is known for his unique, innovative high-end eyewear. Dino is a true artist in every way. He doesn't advertise and is hard to find. If an eyeglass boutique wishes to carry his frames, there is a special interview process and he has to like you to let you sell his products. Once he agrees to work with you, all frames must be custom designed - there are no serial numbers or catalogs - hence each frame can only be selected while meeting Dino Grossman face-to-face on a trip to Paris or Switzerland, as he rarely travels to the U.S. Dino doesn't just design eyeglasses, but he handcrafts each pair individually in his atelier. His one-of-a-kind patterns and color combinations are lively and energetic, yet the overall look is very elegant due to the refined frame shapes. When you wear a Dino Grossman frame, you wear an individual work of art that nobody else will have. Vizio is proud to be one of the select few retailers in North America to offer this unique, high-caliber brand that is highly exclusive.

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